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Christian Vollmuth

Solactive AG
Sustainable finance can only succeed if investors feel they can trust sustainable financial products. Fundamental to this is comparable raw ESG data in a central database that is accessible to and usable by all, free of charge.
Christian Vollmuth2022-07-01T15:00:09+02:00

Clara Mokry

KENFO – Fonds zur Finanzierung der kerntechnischen Entsorgung
A digital public data infrastructure for financial and sustainability-related company information would provide relief for companies with regard to reporting and would enable sustainable investment decisions for the transformation of the economy and society.
Clara Mokry2022-07-01T14:56:31+02:00

Daniel Schleifer

Vonovia SE
What is particularly important for the transformation of companies is the further integration and forward-looking orientation with regard to reporting and risk management. In this way, non-financial issues are linked directly to the long-term financial development of the company.
Daniel Schleifer2022-07-05T14:13:35+02:00

Frank Scheidig

DZ Bank AG
I would like to help Germany develop into the leading location for sustainable finance. The public sector must act as a role model – both with regard to the regulatory framework and financing of the transformation as well as with regard to sustainable investments. There is no Plan(et) B!
Frank Scheidig2022-07-01T14:58:01+02:00

Frank Sibert

BNP Paribas
Innovation and investment in making industry and society carbon-neutral are essential for reaching the climate action targets. A modern approach for export financing will support the transformation of the economy and strengthen sustainable financial markets – globally!
Frank Sibert2022-07-01T14:59:24+02:00

Georg Schürmann

Triodos Bank N.V. Deutschland
Sustainability means being fit for the future. Creating transparency on the effects of sustainability by means of a mandatory classification system for financial products will contribute to the transformation of the real economy and the financial sector.
Georg Schürmann2022-07-01T14:59:02+02:00
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