Matthias Kopp

WWF Deutschland

The intense debates in the SFC have shown how important it was to include a range of different perspectives: the SFC’s recommendations are the result of unprecedented joint, substantive discussions on a sustainable financial system in Germany. The results of our debate are a good intermediate step in moving towards a financial system that takes action in a comprehensive range of areas. What is particularly striking is how central a role the German federal government has to play in this. This is something that has not received the attention it deserves until now. The German federal government’s involvement is crucial to successfully gearing the entire economy towards the Great Transformation: what matters are the specific steps towards implementation and having a credible agenda in all areas of the financial system. These must all be geared to what is really necessary. If we want to regain control over the dramatic threat to our natural resources and ecosystems – to the extent that this is still possible – the recommendations must be implemented without delay.

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