The Advisory Council for the 20th legislative term is currently being filled and should begin its work in the summer.

Christoph Bals

Existing structures are not allowing the financial market to realise its potential to leverage the Great Transformation. A swift implementation of forward-looking reporting requirements would finally provide incentives to systematically consider financial climate risks when taking financing and investment decisions.

Alexander Bassen

University Hamburg
Transparency creates comparability and reveals what impact companies are having. This is why the Sustainable Finance Committee is recommending that as many companies as possible put in place robust reporting to make visible their negative and positive social impact.

Karin Bassler

Arbeitskreis Kirchlicher Investoren in der evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland
As church investors, we care about the impact that financial investments have on the environment, on humanity and on posterity. For this reason, the title of the SFC’s report – “A sustainable financial system to facilitate the Great Transformation” – reflects our concerns. The report explains how these concerns affect a wide range of issues and stakeholders.

Nico Fettes

Carbon Disclosure Project
Sustainable development is often characterised by conflicting goals and interdependencies. This is why it was necessary, and important, that the SFC aimed for structural, comprehensive changes and took a holistic approach in formulating its recommendations.

Joachim Goldbeck

Goldbeck Solar GmbH
Internalising external costs and benefits creates a sustainable market equilibrium. A carbon price path to 2050 that is recognised as a benchmark will accelerate the transformation. New technologies such as AI must play a key role in sustainable finance.

Robert Haßler

I am proud of the SFC’s work. Such a heterogeneous body has the potential to achieve impressive results – and in this we have succeeded. I sincerely hope that a lot of what is contained in the final report will find its way into work at the political level.

Stefan Haver

Evonik Industries AG
The key to acceptance and implementation lies in a wise balance between economic, environmental and social criteria. Feasibility – this will be the measure of success for the recommendations that the SFC has now presented.

Andreas Hilka

Pensionskasse der Mitarbeiter der Hoechst Gruppe VVaG
Only if we take action together, and in a spirit of solidarity, can sustainable finance progress and solve problems. If the recommendations are to have an effect as soon as they need to, we must all put aside our vested interests.

Kristina Jeromin

Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany e.V.
The SFC’s report presents us with a historic opportunity. It lays the foundation for a viable financial system that can function as the central pillar for creating economic value in a long-term, competitive fashion. The German government now has an obligation to take action quickly.

Matthias Kopp

WWF Deutschland
The recommendations are the starting point for the actual implementation. Germany’s federal government must play a central role here, by creating the necessary frameworks and incentives, and setting the right example in this area. The financial system must be geared towards enabling a successful macroeconomic transformation.

Kai Lindemann

Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund
A just transition for society as a whole is a fundamental prerequisite for the success of the transformation. This must be the standard by which we measure both public and private investments. A Transformation and Impact Fund would be an effective tool in smoothing the way for the transformation.

Karsten Löffler

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH
There was much ado about the Final Report – and the results have lived up to expectations. I am very proud of that. Now it is up to the German government to make the most of the report and translate it into specific policies. This would boost our global competitiveness.

Angela McClellan

Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen e.V.
Without sustainability skills, managers, investors and citizens cannot make the decisions we need to create a sustainable, resilient economy.

Wiebke Merbeth

BayernInvest Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Sustainable finance should have an enabling function: first and foremost, stakeholders in the transformation must be empowered by regulation and long-term impact analysis. Sustainable finance requires transparent communication and an understanding of its economic effects, and must be feasible.

Clara Mokry

KENFO – Fonds zur Finanzierung der kerntechnischen Entsorgung
A digital public data infrastructure for financial and sustainability-related company information would provide relief for companies with regard to reporting and would enable sustainable investment decisions for the transformation of the economy and society.

Karsten Neuhoff

Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung e.V.
The financial sector can support companies along the road to carbon neutrality instead of removing them from portfolios because of transition risks. To this end, companies should show in their reporting how they are preparing for a sudden decarbonisation scenario in 2035.

Petra Pflaum

DWS Group GmbH & Co. KGaA
Achieving holistic sustainable economic structures is the biggest transformational challenge of our generation. It requires holistic competences and extensive data transparency in order to achieve the necessary changes, the foundations of which can be laid today.

Gerald Podobnik

Deutsche Bank AG
As a forward-looking industrial nation, Germany is focussed on the transformation of the real economy and takes a holistic view of sustainable finance. This approach makes Germany stand out from some other financial centres that are geared purely towards financial products.

Regine Richter

The way the German government deals with public funds sets an example that influences the market. The government’s orientation to the Paris climate targets with regard to its own investments, hedges, KfW, public-law entities, and promoting exports, shows what is possible.

Lothar Rieth

By pursuing greater transparency in their sustainability performance, all market participants can help shape Germany as a centre for sustainable finance, today and in the future. In this way, they can also make a contribution to the efficient allocation of capital on financial markets in order to achieve climate targets.

Frank Scheidig

DZ Bank AG
I would like to help Germany develop into the leading location for sustainable finance. The public sector must act as a role model – both with regard to the regulatory framework and financing of the transformation as well as with regard to sustainable investments. There is no Plan(et) B!

Gerhard Schick

Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende e.V.
The Committee’s recommendations are an important input for leveraging financial markets for the purposes of environmental and climate action. The public savings banks also have a role to play here! Now the German government must present a convincing sustainable finance strategy as soon as possible.

Daniel Schleifer

Vonovia SE
What is particularly important for the transformation of companies is the further integration and forward-looking orientation with regard to reporting and risk management. In this way, non-financial issues are linked directly to the long-term financial development of the company.

Michael Schmidt

Lloyd Fonds AG
The success of the Great Transformation – the idea running through all of the SFC’s recommendations – is the foundation for making an industry-based economy like Germany fit for the future. It will lead to sustainability becoming mainstream and to Germany becoming a driver of sustainable finance.

Antje Schneeweiß

Arbeitskreis Kirchlicher Investoren in der evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland
Companies are noticing that the government is supporting sustainable investments. Sustainability reporting and a new conception of risk on the part of banking supervisors are as much part of this as the internalisation of external costs e.g. by means of a new supply chain law reinforced by liability provisions.

Georg Schürmann

Triodos Bank N.V. Deutschland
Sustainability means being fit for the future. Creating transparency on the effects of sustainability by means of a mandatory classification system for financial products will contribute to the transformation of the real economy and the financial sector.

Frank Sibert

BNP Paribas
Innovation and investment in making industry and society carbon-neutral are essential for reaching the climate action targets. A modern approach for export financing will support the transformation of the economy and strengthen sustainable financial markets – globally!

Ingo Speich

Deka Investment GmbH
Financial markets are the drivers of the sustainable transformation. Sustainable finance acts as a catalyst for a more sustainable and future-proof economy that also has an impact on society. Sustainable finance means being fit for the future.

Silke Stremlau

Hannoversche Kassen
Our work over the last 20 months was gruelling, inspiring, exhausting, exciting and very instructive. But the outcome was above all forward-looking! Today I am very pleased about what we achieved. We laid the groundwork for shaping the sustainable transformation of our economy!

Rolf Tegtmeier

Kreissparkasse Köln
The principle of proportionality, appropriateness and feasibility must be upheld with our customer base in mind. Steering the economy towards a sustainable way of doing business is an ongoing process. Public savings banks will continue to support their customers in achieving this goal.

Christian Vollmuth

Solactive AG
Sustainable finance can only succeed if investors feel they can trust sustainable financial products. Fundamental to this is comparable raw ESG data in a central database that is accessible to and usable by all, free of charge.

Klaus Wirbel

REWE Group
Banks and investors will in future focus more strongly on ESG criteria when making investment and lending decisions. Corporate treasuries therefore need to keep developing in order to become catalysts of the necessary transformation towards sustainable development.

Helge Wulsdorf

Bank für Kirche und Caritas eG
Only if customers know how sustainable financial products actually are will it be possible to mobilise the necessary capital for the Great Transformation. The recommendation to establish a product classification system creates transparency on the way to a sustainable financial sector.
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