Karin Bassler

Arbeitskreis Kirchlicher Investoren in der evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland

Sustainable finance – this term marks the beginning of a new era for church investors in terms of ethical and sustainable investment. I was happy to contribute to the SFC’s work by sharing our experiences. I also learned a lot in the process. The result is quite impressive. I am particularly pleased that our report is titled “A sustainable financial system to facilitate the Great Transformation”. This reflects the great importance we as church investors attach to dealing with the effects that financial investments have on the environment, on humanity and on posterity. The meaning of this title is then applied to a range of areas, stakeholders and topics in a way that is unprecedented in breadth. A new era has begun! I was particularly struck by the support we received for responsible investment as it is practised by the Arbeitskreis Kirchlicher Investoren (working group of church investors). This is why I specifically recommend the creation of an infrastructure for institutional investor engagement in Germany.

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