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Christoph Bals

Existing structures are not allowing the financial market to realise its potential to leverage the Great Transformation. A swift implementation of forward-looking reporting requirements would finally provide incentives to systematically consider financial climate risks when taking financing and investment decisions.
Christoph Bals2021-03-10T10:55:11+01:00

Alexander Bassen

University Hamburg
Transparency creates comparability and reveals what impact companies are having. This is why the Sustainable Finance Committee is recommending that as many companies as possible put in place robust reporting to make visible their negative and positive social impact.
Alexander Bassen2021-03-10T10:55:14+01:00

Karin Bassler

Arbeitskreis Kirchlicher Investoren in der evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland
As church investors, we care about the impact that financial investments have on the environment, on humanity and on posterity. For this reason, the title of the SFC’s report – “A sustainable financial system to facilitate the Great Transformation” – reflects our concerns. The report explains how these concerns affect a wide range of issues and stakeholders.
Karin Bassler2021-03-10T10:55:18+01:00

Nico Fettes

Carbon Disclosure Project
Sustainable development is often characterised by conflicting goals and interdependencies. This is why it was necessary, and important, that the SFC aimed for structural, comprehensive changes and took a holistic approach in formulating its recommendations.
Nico Fettes2021-03-10T10:55:20+01:00

Joachim Goldbeck

Goldbeck Solar GmbH
Internalising external costs and benefits creates a sustainable market equilibrium. A carbon price path to 2050 that is recognised as a benchmark will accelerate the transformation. New technologies such as AI must play a key role in sustainable finance.
Joachim Goldbeck2021-03-10T10:55:22+01:00

Robert Haßler

I am proud of the SFC’s work. Such a heterogeneous body has the potential to achieve impressive results – and in this we have succeeded. I sincerely hope that a lot of what is contained in the final report will find its way into work at the political level.
Robert Haßler2021-03-10T10:56:04+01:00

Stefan Haver

Evonik Industries AG
The key to acceptance and implementation lies in a wise balance between economic, environmental and social criteria. Feasibility – this will be the measure of success for the recommendations that the SFC has now presented.
Stefan Haver2021-03-10T10:55:26+01:00
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