Dr. Gerald Podobnik

Deutsche Bank AG
As a forward-looking industrial nation, Germany is focussed on the transformation of the real economy and takes a holistic view of sustainable finance. This approach makes Germany stand out from some other financial centres that are geared purely towards financial products.
Dr. Gerald Podobnik2022-07-01T14:57:21+02:00

Dr. Lothar Rieth

By pursuing greater transparency in their sustainability performance, all market participants can help shape Germany as a centre for sustainable finance, today and in the future. In this way, they can also make a contribution to the efficient allocation of capital on financial markets in order to achieve climate targets.
Dr. Lothar Rieth2022-07-01T14:57:45+02:00

Frank Scheidig

DZ Bank AG
I would like to help Germany develop into the leading location for sustainable finance. The public sector must act as a role model – both with regard to the regulatory framework and financing of the transformation as well as with regard to sustainable investments. There is no Plan(et) B!
Frank Scheidig2022-07-01T14:58:01+02:00

Antje Schneeweiß

Arbeitskreis Kirchlicher Investoren in der evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland
Companies are noticing that the government is supporting sustainable investments. Sustainability reporting and a new conception of risk on the part of banking supervisors are as much part of this as the internalisation of external costs e.g. by means of a new supply chain law reinforced by liability provisions.
Antje Schneeweiß2022-07-01T14:58:43+02:00

Georg Schürmann

Triodos Bank N.V. Deutschland
Sustainability means being fit for the future. Creating transparency on the effects of sustainability by means of a mandatory classification system for financial products will contribute to the transformation of the real economy and the financial sector.
Georg Schürmann2022-07-01T14:59:02+02:00
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