Kristina Jeromin

Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany e.V.
The SFC’s report presents us with a historic opportunity. It lays the foundation for a viable financial system that can function as the central pillar for creating economic value in a long-term, competitive fashion. The German government now has an obligation to take action quickly.
Kristina Jeromin2022-07-01T14:54:17+02:00

Matthias Kopp

WWF Deutschland
The recommendations are the starting point for the actual implementation. Germany’s federal government must play a central role here, by creating the necessary frameworks and incentives, and setting the right example in this area. The financial system must be geared towards enabling a successful macroeconomic transformation.
Matthias Kopp2022-07-01T14:54:45+02:00

Wiebke Merbeth

Deloitte Consulting GmbH
Sustainable Finance as an enabler: Regulation and long-term impact analysis must first and foremost empower stakeholders in the transformation. Sustainable finance needs transparent communication, practicability and an understanding of the economic consequences.
Wiebke Merbeth2022-09-08T15:07:06+02:00
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