Andreas Hilka

Pensionskasse der Mitarbeiter der Hoechst Gruppe VVaG
Only if we take action together, and in a spirit of solidarity, can sustainable finance progress and solve problems. If the recommendations are to have an effect as soon as they need to, we must all put aside our vested interests.
Andreas Hilka2022-07-01T14:54:03+02:00

Kristina Jeromin

Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany e.V.
The SFC’s report presents us with a historic opportunity. It lays the foundation for a viable financial system that can function as the central pillar for creating economic value in a long-term, competitive fashion. The German government now has an obligation to take action quickly.
Kristina Jeromin2022-07-01T14:54:17+02:00

Matthias Kopp

WWF Deutschland
The recommendations are the starting point for the actual implementation. Germany’s federal government must play a central role here, by creating the necessary frameworks and incentives, and setting the right example in this area. The financial system must be geared towards enabling a successful macroeconomic transformation.
Matthias Kopp2022-07-01T14:54:45+02:00

Kai Lindemann

Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund
A just transition for society as a whole is a fundamental prerequisite for the success of the transformation. This must be the standard by which we measure both public and private investments. A Transformation and Impact Fund would be an effective tool in smoothing the way for the transformation.
Kai Lindemann2022-07-01T14:55:00+02:00

Karsten Löffler

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH
There was much ado about the Final Report – and the results have lived up to expectations. I am very proud of that. Now it is up to the German government to make the most of the report and translate it into specific policies. This would boost our global competitiveness.
Karsten Löffler2022-07-01T14:55:06+02:00

Angela McClellan

Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen e.V.
Without sustainability skills, managers, investors and citizens cannot make the decisions we need to create a sustainable, resilient economy.
Angela McClellan2022-07-01T14:55:11+02:00

Wiebke Merbeth

BayernInvest Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Sustainable Finance as an enabler: Regulation and long-term impact analysis must first and foremost empower stakeholders in the transformation. Sustainable finance needs transparent communication, practicability and an understanding of the economic consequences.
Wiebke Merbeth2022-09-08T15:05:32+02:00

Clara Mokry

KENFO – Fonds zur Finanzierung der kerntechnischen Entsorgung
A digital public data infrastructure for financial and sustainability-related company information would provide relief for companies with regard to reporting and would enable sustainable investment decisions for the transformation of the economy and society.
Clara Mokry2022-07-01T14:56:31+02:00
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