Georg Schürmann

Triodos Bank N.V. Deutschland
Sustainability means being fit for the future. Creating transparency on the effects of sustainability by means of a mandatory classification system for financial products will contribute to the transformation of the real economy and the financial sector.
Georg Schürmann2022-07-01T14:59:02+02:00

Dr. Gerald Podobnik

Deutsche Bank AG
As a forward-looking industrial nation, Germany is focussed on the transformation of the real economy and takes a holistic view of sustainable finance. This approach makes Germany stand out from some other financial centres that are geared purely towards financial products.
Dr. Gerald Podobnik2022-07-01T14:57:21+02:00

Gerhard Schick

Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende e.V.
The Committee’s recommendations are an important input for leveraging financial markets for the purposes of environmental and climate action. The public savings banks also have a role to play here! Now the German government must present a convincing sustainable finance strategy as soon as possible.
Gerhard Schick2022-07-01T14:58:07+02:00

Helge Wulsdorf

Bank für Kirche und Caritas eG
Only if customers know how sustainable financial products actually are will it be possible to mobilise the necessary capital for the Great Transformation. The recommendation to establish a product classification system creates transparency on the way to a sustainable financial sector.
Helge Wulsdorf2022-07-01T15:00:53+02:00

Ingo Speich

Deka Investment GmbH
Financial markets are the drivers of the sustainable transformation. Sustainable finance acts as a catalyst for a more sustainable and future-proof economy that also has an impact on society. Sustainable finance means being fit for the future.
Ingo Speich2022-07-01T14:59:28+02:00

Joachim Goldbeck

Goldbeck Solar GmbH
Internalising external costs and benefits creates a sustainable market equilibrium. A carbon price path to 2050 that is recognised as a benchmark will accelerate the transformation. New technologies such as AI must play a key role in sustainable finance.
Joachim Goldbeck2022-07-01T14:53:48+02:00

Kai Lindemann

Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund
A just transition for society as a whole is a fundamental prerequisite for the success of the transformation. This must be the standard by which we measure both public and private investments. A Transformation and Impact Fund would be an effective tool in smoothing the way for the transformation.
Kai Lindemann2022-07-01T14:55:00+02:00

Karin Bassler

Arbeitskreis Kirchlicher Investoren in der evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland
As church investors, we care about the impact that financial investments have on the environment, on humanity and on posterity. For this reason, the title of the SFC’s report – “A sustainable financial system to facilitate the Great Transformation” – reflects our concerns. The report explains how these concerns affect a wide range of issues and stakeholders.
Karin Bassler2022-07-01T14:53:24+02:00

Karsten Löffler

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH
There was much ado about the Final Report – and the results have lived up to expectations. I am very proud of that. Now it is up to the German government to make the most of the report and translate it into specific policies. This would boost our global competitiveness.
Karsten Löffler2022-07-01T14:55:06+02:00
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